What is ISO 20022?

Universal financial industry message scheme

Standardizing financial data for payments

The ISO 20022 organization describes its purpose as "A single standardisation approach (methodology, process, repository) to be used by all financial standards initiatives".

The financial messaging standard can be defined as a set of messages that are used for exchanging a vast range of financial information data between organizations using:

  • A modelling methodology that captures, in a syntax-independent way, financial business areas, business transactions, and associated message flows

  • A central dictionary of business items used in financial communications

  • A set of XML and ASN.1 design rules to convert the message models into XML or ASN.1 schemas, whenever the use of ISO 20022 XML or ASN.1-based syntax is preferred

Impel's API platform offers all of the current 733 message definition version types, as well as all of the older versions too. Find the complete ISO 20022 message definitions schema list here.

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