Self-paced ISO 20022 API Demo

Impel offers a self-paced ISO 20022 API demo that anyone can try

Getting started

Anyone interested in seeing Impel's ISO 20022 financial messaging API operate in realtime over the XDC Network's blockchain DLT mainnet, can try a self-paced demo at anytime they choose.

Demonstration using two preconfigured banking institutions

An educational demnistrational environment has been setup to represent two pretend organizations, Bank A and Bank B that allows the user free-rein to create and send the financial message of their choice, allowing them the choose their own options that utilize the ISO 20022 PACS-009 and PACS-002 payment instructions.
Each demo user can create their own financial message with or without attaching a digital asset, such as XDC (the native coin to the XDC Network) or an XRC-20 token like Fluent Finance's US+ stablecoin in the messages payload for instant settlement.

Want to see an overview of the process on how to access and use Impels self-paced demo?

Watch a short (0:49 second) introduction video on Impel's self-paced ISO 20022 API demo

Register to access Impel's ISO 20022 demo

To access Impel's self-paced demo, register for access first, then an email will be sent containing a non-sharable access link that can be used as many times as desired, so be sure to store the link in a safe memorable place for future access.
To register for demo access, click here.

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Transfer request

User creates and sends an ISO 20022 standard (PACS 009) payment instruction from a pretend Bank A to a pretend Bank B counterparty.

Form field descriptions:

Destination Bank Identification Code receiving financial message
Destination International Bank Account Number
From IBAN*
Sending party's International Bank Account Number
Special Instructions
Text field for detailed commentary
Fiat amount to be transferred and currency type (USD, GBP, EUR)
Instant Settlement
Allows digital assets to be transferred in the ISO 20022 message's payload as collateral. Note: Price quote is good for 30 seconds, then refreshes based on current market value of the chosen digital asset. On the XDC Network's blockchain, funds are transferred from sender's digital asset wallet to the receiver's digital asset wallet.

Transactions Screen

View the transaction history of all the ISO 20022 financial messages that have been created by every registered demo user.

Reporting Screen

Reporting screen displays historical message data and the connected XDC Wallet(s) account balance.