Platform Architecture

Impel's ISO 20022 platform architecture explained in detail

Main components of Impel's ISO 20022 API:

  • Gateway Service

  • Identity Service

  • Smart contract functionality

  • Multiple messaging protocols

Together, all of these form a distributed, permissioned topology that leverages the XDC Network's blockchain DLT capabilities to meet modern application development requirements for financial messaging.

Architecture diagram explained:

(1) Client

A Client is a software application's coding languages include Java, Typescript, C#; and uses Impel's ISO 20022 API to send and receive messages via a Gateway Service node. The Client sends a message to a Gateway Service node and then receives a responding message about subsequent processing events.

(2) Gateway Service

A Gateway Service is an Impel ISO 20022 platform node that is dedicated to and used by a single client application to process messages and events. The Gateway Service processes incoming and outgoing messages to/from a Client.

(3) Message channel

Messages are shared between Impel ISO 20022 Gateway Service nodes through message channels. A message channel is created for each Gateway Service node pair; exchanging messages with each other, in order to apply collateral netting on a Proof.

(4) Message

Message is one of the core domain models that holds information about financial messages like ISO 20022, and can optionally attach digital assets as collateral in the message's payload.

(5) Proof

A Proof is a core domain model of Impel ISO 20022 platform and is used to group messages from a Message Channel between two platform nodes and to commit them onto the XDC Network's blockchain DLT in batches as a Proof.

(6) Identity Service

The Identity Service is a service used as a registry of Impel's ISO 20022 platform nodes.

(7) Rollup Smart Contract

Impel's ISO 20022 API platform Smart Contract stores information about all the Proofs committed to the XDC Network's blockchain's DLT. It is also responsible for settling digital asset collateral between participants and acts as an escrow account.

(8) Client XDC Network wallet address

A Client XDC Network wallet address is an account that stores digital assets (XDC or XRC-20 tokens like the US+ stablecoin) and used to send or receive the Proof's digital asset(s) as collateral.

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