Identity Service

Overview and schema of the ISO 20022 API's identity service


The identity service holds information about all of the gateway nodes operating on Impel's ISO 20022 API platform.

Operating as the brains of the ISO 20022 API, the identity service allows very gateway node the ability to accurately and securely route financial messages through Impel's platform from point A to point B by requesting data from other parties, like their BIC (Bank Identification Code), gateway URL, XDC wallet address, certificate, as well as providing the ability to move digital asset collateral from wallet to wallet.

When new gateway node is added to Impel's ISO 20022 API platform, it will be registered via the identity service.




Business Identifier Code


Name of the entity

Gateway URL

The node's gateway URL


Used when signing gateway messages

Address List

List of XDC wallet addresses


The blockchain network where the wallet addresses reside, e.g. XDC Network)

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